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Terramundi Money Pots

Terramundi was established by Dario Illari and Jacquie Ryle over 14 years ago in the upper floor of a flat in Kentish Town, the Studio is now somewhat larger and is located in Tottenham Hale, London.  These "Etruscan money amphoras" have been traditionally used in Italy for over 2000 years and their hand thrown design has remained unchanged.  The British Museum houses examples of these ancient money pots.

Once the first coin is dropped the money pot must be fed until full upon which time it must be smashed whilst making a wish.  It is customary to replace the pot and spend the money on "good things", they bring good fortune.  Once smashed, money pots are sometimes used to house a candle or a plant.  The best way to break your money pot is to get a chisel or the back of a hammer and place it inside the money slot - slowly lever the top and you should be able to pop the top off - you can now use the money pots to house a plant, candy, pens, etc.

Terramundi money pots are hand thrown in Italy and hand painted in London.  They stand approximately 8 inches tall. Each money pot contains a separate fortune coin.  Money pots hold approximately $500 in mixed dimes, nickels and quarters.


**All Money Pots are the same size - some of the pictures make it look otherwise.

Money Pot - Pre-order

Money Pot - Pre-order

Price: $42.00
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